[UPDATED] Unstoppable v4.2.2 by BillyRazOr


Unstoppable 4.2 will be release soon!


  • Set "func_door_rotating" for toilet doors with origin entity
  • Other brushes were added with new structures

Vote it if you want to test and play my latest mapping. Good luck and god bless our GHub! :wink:

  • Will be release tomorrow
  • Will be release after 2-3 days
  • Will be release after a week


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Unstoppable 4.2 is finally released! Please go to my first post to see descriptions, new feature screenshots and download available. :thumbsup:


Unstoppable v4.2 is now available to play on the test7341 server.

@BillyRazOr2015 , it is possible to get suck with the new bathroom stall doors, also the way those doors are now, you can't build in the stalls for long. Here are some recommended changes:

  1. Have the doors swing outside when they open instead of inside.

  2. Have the doors do some damage (maybe 10 hp gamage?) to players that try to jam the door from opening.


I think I should be change angle with whole toilet for giving player empty area.

Recently, the entrance/exit door was too closed with toilet lock room, then the lock door was opening to inside toilet area. I thought it was went fine, but I didn't expect that it can caused player damaged, so I need to check all toilet room for make sure that entrance/exit door is not too close with lock room, then I'll change door rotate angle to outside if any area have empty.


You have it set currently so that the doors don't do any damage, but it should do some damage to prevent people from trying to block the doors, which even if they are away from other map surfaces, it can still be possible to have players keep the doors jammed closed but positioning themselves against other things like buildables or even against other players (with how Trem's current "physics" works).


Great idea. Even I didn't set "crush" flag if player was squishing. Later will doing improvement. :wink:


Cool, but make sure you don't set it too high, it would be very annoying to instantly die by being hit by a door, as we have seen in Nintendoland :wink: . 5hp or 10 hp in damage can be more than enough to ensure that a player doesn't block a door for too long.


If door has crusher spawnflag it'll just melt down the player's life for as long as he blocks it, rather than going back and forth.

Crusher with dmg 5 will remove 5 hps per second if I'm not mistaken.


eh, is there a way to have it do damage and reverse direction when blocked?


From http://tremmapping.pbworks.com/w/page/22453169/entity_definitionfile , regarding the key "dmg"

dmg: damage to inflict on player when he blocks operation of door (default 4). Door will reverse direction when blocked unless CRUSHER spawnflag is set.

So @BillyRazOr2015 , you can set the dmg to 5 and do not include CRUSHER spawnflag so that the door reverses and closes again if it was blocked, this way people won't be quickly killed by the bathroom stall door :wink: .


Okey dokey! No problema! I confirmed and will getting ready to edit correction. :slight_smile:


Next update of Unstoppable will be release today. Later will upload it to my storage account and enjoy it :slight_smile:


  • Fixed angle, set damage value to 5 and adjust the toilet door with smaller capacity
  • Others brushes and lights were improved


Unstoppable v4.2.1 is now released! Please go to my first post to view descriptions and screenshots with download available. :thumbsup:

NOTE: Set door rotate function will result textures not perfect partially after render. I tried to fit those doors to lock it and neat it, but it doesn't work for me as well. So I'm very apologize for about that happened. But anyway this still can be play without affect.

Remember! This is a bit REAL textures bug!


Been 2 months without any updates. If anyone have suggestions for improving Unstoppable, please leave the comments in this thread. :wink: :thumbsup:


Anyone have suggestions for Billy on how to make the default human base less campy?


Remove it.



@BillyRazOr2015 , next time you and I are on the test7341 server, I would like to discuss with you some ideas I have that might help with the Unstoppable map, while we review the map in-game.


Okay. :slight_smile:


Updated 1st post. :+1: :information_source: