UTCS UD - Development Thread


New version uploaded. See first post and changelog.




Is it possible that I get map source?


@yalt , if you are interested , @TheDushan has been working on a newer renderer more advance than what we currently have in the 1.3 client, and @TheDushan would like to modify this map to demonstrate the new features of his renderer, like what he has been doing with the eXcs map:

So if you were to release the source to this map, it would be for a good cause :slight_smile: . Or, if you prefer, and would be interested, perhaps you could work with @TheDushan to modify this map accordingly.

@TheDushan , what are the new features that your render has, that 1.3’s current renderer2 doesn’t have?


map-utcsud_13_v1.1_src.zip: https://ufile.io/0c592


Awesome, thanks @yalt :smiley: ! I very much appreciate it! @TheDushan , I look forward to seeing screenshots of your progress :smiley: !


Thank you very much
I will try not to ruin it too much :slight_smile:


Let’s start

take one #1


This is school example how to destroy and to ruin something what was good :smiley:



When I started map was like this

and today ->


now to try to be serious :slight_smile:


I want that @yalt be proud for sharing that map with me :slight_smile:


Awesome screenshots @TheDushan ! Something that we are going to have to do is give the buildable assets (as well as the assets for the players/weapons/etc), a make over taking full advantage of the advance renderer features, otherwise they stand out in a bit of a weird way, and wouldn’t do maps like these justice.


Trying to be serious for the first time with “UTCS UD” map


And then I found that there is a CTCS for Unvanquished
You guys have no idea how much I wanted to compare :slight_smile:

Original map for the Tremulous 1.3

Unvanquished “CTCS” map with every possible settings turned on (and what I can think)

My soul selling and the deal with Lucifer himself :slight_smile:


We need to remove that hand model and replace it with a higher definition version of the Tremulous human one, then get that rifle skin or something.


I don’t have other textures or models. Because of that reason I am working with what I have


Ah, well I think to fit the theme of this new looks for Trem we should have something like an update to at least first person textures? To be fair if we make the maps all HD and then don’t touch the buildables, models and what not then it’d seem weird. I’m not saying that you alone should do it but I find it a good idea?


That’s looking very awesome @TheDushan :smiley: ! I’m really looking forward to getting the linux build working so that I can see what it looks like from in-game (I’ll be sure to post some screenshots on my geforce 1060 when I do :wink: )!

Very good idea @HelpingRobot , thanks for volunteering :wink: !

But definitely all the in-game models should be updated taking full advantage of all of TheDushan’s renderer’s advanced settings. It is not something that I would expect to happen over night though. The main thing is to have these abilities available in the engine, have initial proof of concept assets (like the maps TheDushan are demonstrating with), and to have an awesome fun game play included. Then I would expect to see more artist contributions on that level.