Volt's HUD 2.0 Final

For the few people that have asked for it.
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gy56ccqn3k6u35y/Volt_hud2.0_FINAL.zip

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Voldt’s HUD 2.0 Final

Voldt atleast updates his HUDs and gives money to charity unlike that hack Volt asshole who never updates his HUDs and eats babies for breakfast.

Would you mind explaining the changes you did for this release and add some pictures to the OP? Thanks bae :sunglasses:



this doesnt work in ghub, i really need a hud with binds that work in ghub, maybe i installed the wrong way

This modified version of Volt’s HUD by Kreative would work on the GrangerPub server & on the GrangerClub server: (modified) volt's hud!

thaks sparky! allways helping us!

Have a problem, doesnt have the binds that i really need

yeah it doesnt anymore. It use to before all these changes were made.

That was before GrangerPub’s qvm was multiprotocol.

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