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Hi all, once my Uni exams are over, I'm thinking of making a map. The options I've thought of:

Beach assault (Tremship, but on a beachhead like Saving Private Ryan starting 12 - 32 players)
Toy Story theme map (similar to one of my early maps, but obv better 6 - 32 players)
Ship theme (a small map, very simple in design, but detailed interior 2-8 players)

I'm interested in all three, but given the size of the player base, it would be more likely one of the smaller two.



Wooho, welcome back :slight_smile:

I really like this idea, more survival type maps are nice and a fun thing to do.

Though for me, I love space and all super spaced related scenes, experiences, ETC so I would think we need some more "OPEN", and nothing but space maps :slight_smile:


Me likes :smiley: !

Whichever map you decide to do next, I recommend that you consider making use of the OpenGL2 features avilable in the newest clients (work is being done to prepare the pre-release client for public testing asap). The eX texture pack is a good for such an application ( ), also another OpenGL2 texture pack is almost ready to be released (hopefully in the next day or two). These texture packs do support the old renderer as well.

Regarding which kind of map of the options you have presented would be best to start with first, I would have to say your small ship themed map would by my first choice. The reason is that Trem is in most need of more quality original small sized maps (there are a lot of existing quality large sized maps in trem). Not to mention such a map could potentially make a good default map in the new clients.

My second choice would be your beach assault concept.


This page has more information about the features of the renderer in the new client:


by what logic/conditions do u stamp a map to be optimal for a given range of player counts ? it is fairly plausible that whatever „recommendation” will turn out to be WRONG for reasons like:

  • u have a sense of fun that doesn't match that of other players;
  • fun depends on others', in particular their play style, and the base of styles may change with time;
  • u estimated the range or managed to construct the map WRONGly;
  • u assume that „reasonable” player count in case of 1.1 matches that of GPP; or
  • ppl will prefer some significant server mods, or an entirely new game mode, „Swirl”.

so i would not vote base on any supposedly „optimal” player counts.

however, the ship theme (just based on the word) sounds like something rather new.


I'd like to see the nautical themed ship map.

If you're willing to do a remake, I highly suggest ig_icetrap_b2. I think expanding the map by adding caves that connect the bottom area and top as well as scaling some of the buildings up to make them viable for building would be great.


It is based on the required size and player count to make it work. For the same reason Transit seldom gets played - it's just not fun for less than 6 players.


Sorry, I hate doing remakes. It's just not interesting for me to do. I like mapping because I like to be creative.


Thanks guys, I will have a look at the suggestions closer next week, after my last exam (Wedsnesday). Thanks!



But when you see 'ig_icetrap_b2' you too will know how aesthetically nice it is. I am not demanding you do a remake, but at the very least check out the map. It is well done. It may even draw inspiration.

  • that makes no sense:
    • i have no fucking idea what „It” is supposed to refer to, but wtf has a required size and player count (eg., a map certainly has no required size, just its own, static size) ?
    • required player count to make a map „work” is not the same as required player count to make games on that map „fun”.
  • u ignored every point i made.



Ok. If an Assault map with the theme and context of a D-Day landing with 4 people "works" or is "fun" for you. Then so be it. I just think few will agree with you.

Also, if I choose to ignore your other points, it's because I'm not making this map for you. I'm making it for the community and for self satisfaction. If you don't like it, feel free to let it go. You sound so angry dude...


no, u r putting words in my mouth.

this kind of thing is exactly what i'm prompting u to explain. how do u know that ppl will agree with u ? ie., imagine: ppl vote for a map for „X–Y” players, then u make such a map, and then the ppl complain that „hey, that's not as „X–Y” as we expected !” — how do u know that this will surely not happen ?

WRONG logic; u're doing the opposite of what u should be doing. for the benefit of the community, u should exactly not ignore my points.

u're so ignorant, d00d...


Don't listen to DevHC, he tries to scare everyone away with his pretentious word usage and formality.


It's ok. I get the feeling many Doritos were burnt off typing his posts. Good for health.


Sure the number of players that are "good for" any given map might vary based on things independent from the map, such as the game play of a server, players' skills, players' sense of fun, etc. However, experienced Tremulous mappers, as well as players experienced with various Tremulous game plays, can make a rough determination on if a given map would generally work better within a given range of a number of players than other ranges.

With that said, I'm more interested in seeing quality maps made and played, and then individual servers can make the determination based on how well the maps play on the given server with various numbers of players on what the preferable range of number players would be for a given map on the given server.

I should also mention that while through a period of time on the GrangerPub server each day, there are matches that generally have less than 10 players, there is a peak time each day that approach 30 player matches ( or even above). So maps that are "preferable" for a larger number of players are practical on GrangerPub with the current player base. Also if things go well for Tremulous in the future, hopefully there will be many highly active servers.

As I have mentioned, there are already a lot of existing good quality "mid to large" Tremulous maps to choose from (don't get me wrong, more quality maps in that category for Tremulous would still be awesome), but not many good quality "small" Tremulous maps at the moment to choose from. The bottom line is there does exist a need in Tremulous for more good quality original "small" maps as alternatives to atcs, and that are not based on atcs.


Coming along nicely. I am going to make this a little more atmospheric. I have added rain/Thunder/lightning so that the map is darker than usual, but has periods of high lighting when the lightning crackles. I am thinking about making the science facility overrun by plants etc as well, giving a feeling of abandonment. I am also adding a little nature to it, so Aliens won't start in the facility...


The rain looks great through those windows, sounds like a really promising map.


what am i pretending ?