Hey Synn here. Im not really sure how this works but Im gonna give it a shot lol.
Im not really all that crazy. Im just a stoner who likes to have fuck around and have a good time. I hope i can get to know everyone better. i might seem annoying but im not that bad lol


Welcome to the forums Synn


Welcome to GrangerHub’s forums :smiley: !


Hello, welcome. See you in game.




Welcome @Synn!

Moved thread to Introductions Category for obvious reasons, etc.


synn lol


Welcome Synn. :slight_smile:




Welcome to our forums!
Willkommen in unserem Forum!


Hi there, u are very nice team-mate and good player. Good luck.


Thanks you guys for all the support. Im really enjoying this community.
I hope to get to know you all better…
Except that cuck Ninja hes a sneak disser.