Weird FPS bug


Hey all, I've been having a problem with Trem regarding fps. Normally my gfx card caps it at 60 and keeps it stable, but these couple of days it suddenly raised up to 120. It's causing massive lag and for some reason Trem thinks 30 FPS is actually 60 and 60 is 120. V-sync is on by default, so I don't understand how it's going past 60.


I don't think VSync in Trem is enabled by default, but it can be turned on using r_swapInterval 1 and adjusting r_displayRefresh [Hz] (if it's something other than 60 Hz). Alternatively, set com_maxFPS manually.


I tried it and it still didn't work. I'm starting to think it may be caused by hardware degrade. Considering my PC is almost a decade old I would expect it to start having quite a few problems.


Turn vsync off in your graphics card settings, it causes a multitude of problems in tons of games.


You mean turn it on right? :grin:

Turning it off would just make my fps stay at 120.

To make matters worse, I can't access the control panel for my gfx card. It just freezes and crashes.

Maybe it's time I let go of this PC. It's lived long enough, and caused more problems than I can even remember.


There is nothing wrong with having your fps at 120 unless it causes overheating. If your maxpackets aren't at a reasonable value corresponding to your fps you will get lag/stuttering.


i hope u can never play trem again u dimwitted seine


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Hey burrito, as ROMDOS mentioned, if you want the FPS to cap without the wierdness of Vsync, boot up Tremulous and type:

/com_maxfps 60
(60 = any number you desire)

And if that truly doesn't work like before, have you tried reinstalling the latest drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller?

I disagree. Unless burrito happens to own a 120hz display, theres little point to having a framerate that high. Most monitors can only show 60hz (or above depending on the resoloution) and I doubt that the server tickrate is high enough to make it worthwhile.

Of course, Quake 3 in itself is a strange engine full of quirks and I seem to remember that the higher your framerate, the longer you can actually jump in Tremulous. Feel free to correct me if you or anyone else knows any better.


That's exactly right, thus why I suggested he keep it there. FPS causes all sorts of weird bugs even in new engines. In DBZ Xenoverse (2015) the higher your fps the higher your health regen was (they patched it). I believe in the new Need for speed and Batman games (that had a 30fps lock)(2015). If you attempted to bypass this lock and put your fps to 60 THE ENTIRE GAME WOULD RUN AT 2X SPEED.

Quakes FPS bug is likely related to an outdated engine, the new titles due to shitty PC ports.


Untr00e. The magic numberz for FPS are 77, 90, 125, 333. Networking and FPS are linked in Q3, and 125 fps is still overwhelmingly more fluid than 60 fps even on a 60hz refresh rate monitor. (Think of it as 60hz != 60fps even if it's incorrect)


Higher fps also correlates with less input lag (ms) in some games.


I'd prefer not having FPS drops 24/7 and keep it at 60.

(Atleast until I get a better PC)


Understandable, you only gain these benefits assuming your FPS is stable at that point. If your issue has been resolved I will lock this thread in 24 hours.


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