Who Did What in GrangerHub's Development Team?


Can we know, who did what for trem 1.3?


Sparky did a lot of the coding, the community did the testing and feedback, cron did coding too and hosts ths servers. :slight_smile:


What did cron code?


Hmm, actually I am not sure, I guess Sparky just did then? Well along with a small group of developers too. :wink:


That seems accurate, nevertheless you’ve still forgotten to mention BlowFish for the client (which I won’t use because it’s a fucking mess), jkent, FoE, cengique, and others.


Thanks, @MaeJong. Don’t forget @blowFish did more than the client; such as the portal gun… :slight_smile:




GrangerHub has had a lot of developers on its development team. Some have worked on repos related to Tremulous 1.3, Some have worked on Multiprotocol Slacker’s QVM that the GrangerPub and GrangerClub servers currently use, Some have worked on web development for the site. Many have joined the team and been active and inactive at different times since GrangerHub started over 2 years ago.

I’ll post a summary here of what each team member has contributed so far, although this isn’t meant to be comprehensive. We have been keeping the commit histories intact on our various repos (publicly released as well as currently private that will be publicly released at a later date), and we will be posting credits upon the Tremulous 1.3 full release.

dGr8LookingSparky (i.e. me): I am a co-manager of GrangerHub’s development team. My contributions to the team have included the following so far:

  • Managing the team.

  • Substantial brainstorm and planning for Tremulous 1.3 development as well as for the website.

  • Working substantially on the game logic part of the 1.3 code which entailed me coding a lot of new features and enhancements from scratch, porting various features from other mods/projects (note that I did indicate in the commit descriptions if a commit was a port from another mod/project), fixing bugs, and cleaning up code. Such game logic work includes, but isn’t limited to the following areas:

  • Swirl and Vanilla game play

  • Warmup

  • Voting

  • Utility systems like memory allocation (which worked on with Xembie) and linked list support (ported from glib)

  • Game play aspects common to Vanilla, Swirl, and Chocolate (like having stackable building as a game cvar)

  • Admin features

  • UI and HUD features.

  • Some minor coding on the tremded, the client, and the qcommon library which is used by the entire game engine.

  • Operating and maintaining the test7341 server, which is GrangerHub’s public development server.

  • Operating GrangerHub’s website

  • Some minor work on the Multiprotocol Slacker’s QVM code, currently used by the GrangerPub and GrangerClub servers.

cron: cron is the other co-manager of GrangerHub’s development team. His contributions to the team have included the following so far:

  • Managing the team.

  • Substantial brainstorm and planning for Tremulous 1.3 development as well as for the website.

  • Substantial work on Tremulous 1.3’s assets.

  • Substantial work on GrangerHub’s website’s assets.

  • Operating and maintaining the test7341 server, and the machine that runs it.

  • Operating and maintaining GrangerHub’s website and other infrastructures used by GrangerHub.

  • Some coding related to the Game Logic of Tremulous 1.3.

blowFish: His contributions to the team have included the following so far:

  • Substantial work on the game engine of Tremulous 1.3, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Merging updates from ioquake3.

  • Implementing Lua support in the client and tremded.

  • Converting the game engine code to C++.

  • Moving the admin system to the tremded.

  • Improving multiprotocol support for the new client.

  • Fixing a ton of bugs and vulnerabilities.

  • Integrating the updater with the new client.

  • Some work on RSA key authentication.

  • Implementing JSON parsing support.

  • Implemented the cmake build system for 1.3.

  • Substantial development of the updater system for 1.3.

  • Various work related to the game logic code of 1.3 including but not limited to:

  • Support for custom models.

  • Player gibs.

  • Porting the portal gun from Tremfusion.

  • Porting weapon dropping from Tremfusion.

  • Implementing voice command support.

  • Implementing some changes to the mass driver.

  • Code Review

Xembie (a.k.a. Sex): Xembie has mostly submitted his contributions to the code in the form of patches/snippets to me, and I have indicated in the commits of such submissions that that work was from Xembie. His contributions to the team have included the following so far:

  • Substantial work and collaboration related to 1.3’s game logic code

  • Various work on the 1.3 tremded, including but not limited to an initial implementation of database support, and a work around for the Max Configstrings bug.

  • Substantial brainstorming and collaboration about 1.3 in general.

  • Code review.

  • Attended and helped with most development games.

jkent: His contributions to the team have included the following so far:

  • Did substantial work on the updater system.

  • Wrote server scripts used by GrangerPub, GrangerClub, and many developers for local test servers.

  • Did instrumental work on helping with multiprotocolizing the slacker’s QVM code, as well as improved a lot of other aspects of that code.

  • Worked on the rsa key authentication of 1.3.

  • Code review.

  • Miscellaneous development contributions.

cengique (a.k.a. cengo): He has worked substantially on the PlayMap system. Cengo has also been vital in a lot of development discussions.

Oblivion: Obliviona did the ground work for a WordPress player/admin report/appeals system plugin, and has added in other aspects of web development.

Refantine: He is also working on the WordPress player/admin report/appeals system plugin. Refantine has worked on 1.3 assets as well.

Helper Bot: Helper Bot has relatively recently learned C and is getting up to speed on the Tremulous 1.3 code. I hope to see code contributions from Helper Bot in the near future particularly related to game logic.

Code_Man: Has attended and helped with almost every development game. He offers many good suggestions for 1.3 development, and has been a part of a lot of important development discussions. Code_Man has also made some maps that are available on the test7341 server. I hope to see some game logic contributions from Code_Man in the near future.

Hendrich: Has helped with many development games, offers insight as the development team’s consiliare, and continually nags us about implementing the Field of View slider.

Foe Of Eternity: Semi-inactive. Foe did some work on an early version of the deployable system, and offered development advice.

GuineaPig: Semi-inactive. GuineaPig did some work in the game logic. Also he aided in brainstorming at various times.

NewSource: Semi-inactive. NewSource did some work in the game logic code, which included implementing some original enhances, and ported some features from other game mods.

WoGoMo: Currently inactive. WoGoMo Did substantial work in the game logic, especially in regards to Warmup. WoGoMo laid the groundwork for the PlayMap system. WoGoMo was also instrumental in helping with the multiprotocolization of the slacker’s QVM code.

Breakz: Currently inactive. Breakz wrote a server tool that collects and analyzes player statistics from the game logs.

Kreative: Currently inactive. Kreative did some coding related to the Vanilla game play in the 1.3 code.

GlobalWarming: Currently inactive. GlobalWarming was instrumental in the setup of GrangerHub’s website originally, including doing various web development. GlobalWarming also laid the groundwork for a Tremulous match/player statistics system that can be integrated with the website.

rlb: Currently inactive.

ThatRudeMan (a.k.a. Prateek): Currently inactive.

Nucklear Grangar: Currently inactive.

/dev/humancontroller (a.k.a. DevHC): As of recently, he is no longer on the development team. DevHC’s contributions as a member of the team included the following up to the summer of 2015 (Note that in the summer of 2015 there was an issue related to the GrangerPub administration of which DevHC was an admin at the time, that resulted in DevHC making the decision to take a “VACATION™” from contributing as a member of the development team since):

  • Did the original implementation of the multiprotocol code.

In the summer of 2015, DevHC did give me one in-depth introductory lesson about C that took place over a full day. That lesson was extremely helpful and I appreciate it, thank you @DevHC .

DevHC was also very instrumental in multiprotocolizing the slacker’s QVM that GrangerPub and GrangerClub currently uses.

Note that DevHC did do some code review occasionally after he took his “VACATION™”, and did make various helpful development related forum posts in that time as well.

MaeJong: As of recently, he is no longer on the development team. MaeJong did do work on a Globals system as well as an in-game report system both for the multiprotocol slacker’s QVM. Mae also contributed some maps, and offered advice related to mapping and the game play.

To clarify, the portal gun in Tremulous was originally done many years ago in a mod called Tremshift by the Tremulous player known as Google. A version of the portal gun was also included in Tremfusion (which is why @MaeJong is probably thinking that Amanieu did the portal gun) which is where @blowFish ported it from to 1.3’s game logic. I have since made improvements to the portal gun.

\misconceptions about my history of involvement

@dGr8LookinSparky I would add to @blowFish’s list the addition of JSON parsing support, which was one of the reasons he added C++ support.