Why are the players who break rules the most immune?








Your personal observation might not be a proof for us tho. Provide us some proof of a level 2 or higher abusing his rank.

Also. The 45% is far of being right. As an admin that aliased few times in the past to do my own observations, I can assure you that the number is much lower than this. As of right now. In all the time I’ve aliased I’ve not seen any rules being broken from our level 2’s.

I do understand that some of them might be abusing sometimes. Every single human does mistakes once in a while.
These level 2’s sometimes got their levels set such way they’d stop being spam voted to be kicked and suchs. A few of them are actually really good players (skills and suchs) that are often called hackers. Without level 2, they’d constently be kicked over and over.
It might only be some luck, but I can assure you I didn’t see any of them abuse their rank yet.

Anyway. As all the other admins pretty much said here, if you happen to see any maliscious act from one of our immunes or admins, please fulfill a report on the forum and we’ll take care of it. Otherwise, without any proof of abusing or proof of a rule being broken, we can’t do anything. The only thing we, admins lower than L9, can do is yet warn and ban.
As sparky said, only L9+ admins can adjust levels. When you fulfill some reports about L2’s, try to include @_L9Admins (without the _ ) to make sure that at least one L9 see’s the report and can deal with adjusting the level.


Admins with levels lower than L9 must also notify an L9+ admin that an L2 players has broken a/some rule(s) so that the L9+ admin(s) know(s) to remove L2 privileges from the violating player(s).


It is worth noting that I did exactly that when an L2 abused his privilege, except the L9 I contacted was accused of, “colluding” with me when the appropriate action was taken.


Thx for pointing out, I forgot that ^^


First I should say that this is not an appropriate topic to discuss particular incidents.

With that said, L2 privileges should only be removed from a player if it is determined that that player did in fact violate the rules. An L9+ that is removing L2 must be fully aware of the facts and evidence of a complained incident (even if that complaint comes from an admin with a level lower than L9), and come to the sound conclusion based on those facts and evidence that the L2 was indeed at fault.


I disagree. This thread serves only one purpose, discussing level 2.

As for the rest of your post, it changes nothing.



As a reminder this topic is about discussing the issues of level 2 in general. We have places for discussing specific player incidents involving specific players. This topic is not in one of those places as its purpose isn’t about any specific players nor any specific incidents.

There are currently 46 player accounts with level 2 on the GrangerPub US East server, and while the orginal poster on this topic included in his claims a statistic with no verifiable evidence backing it up, he has not mentioned any specific players, he has not mentioned any specific incidents, we don’t have a public list of the players with L2, and he has not even claimed that all players with L2 break the rules.

For issues regarding specific players we have a report category for reports submitted by the players outside of the administration and we have a private admin category for admins to report and discuss issues with specific players besides also admin channels on slack and admin channels on the game servers.


Hi admin friends: y’all are starting to butt heads in a small way in this thread instead of sticking to the statements made by the young asbestos who we can “choose not to believe” and who must surely understand that with no evidence to support his claims, we can throw his claims out the window pretty easily.

At least I have.

JUST for the sake of curiosity, what five (5) Level 2 admins do you see being a nuisance the most often sir? Even if you can’t come up with proof, surely you can throw out some names that aggravate you to such an extend as to create this thread and state the number “45%”?


The player report category would be the appropriate location for reporting specific players, not this topic in this category.


I do agree that player reports are the place for reporting specific players. But as of now this thread needs some proof to support its random statistic. It would definetely be better to make a seperate report for each players (or a single one with all of them). But only posting names here would yet not make it worth it being moved/created in the player reports.

If the statistics are real and supported with valid proofs, it will then be better to make a report for each named individuals, but for now it’s not valid enough to be worth reports ^^.

Otherwise this thread topic is about the L2+ immunity. Indeed, there might be abuse. But without any proof we can’t do anything ^^.

I couldn’t have explained it better ^^


I’m not supplying any proofs to this thread as this thread was not made to chuck individuals under the bus. A level 1 shouldn’t have to go out of there way to report a level 2 or above. Hence the role of admins. This thread was simply made to bring light to the situation at hand, which is a valid situation likely due to the mass amount of users that have level 2 and the unset guidelines regarding level 2 players. Level 2 players should also be registered to the forum and confirm conditions relating to level 2 abilities.

If you choose not to believe me that is your choice I’m simply stating gathered observations from the main AEDT playing times where the majority of the time admins are absent or inactive on the server.


This is basically why we ask for some proof. Everyone can claim anything. But without any proof, we can’t say a 100% it’s true.

If you could at least give few names, we would then be able to judge wether it’s worth continueing this topic or not.

As of the guidelines, I do understand that they are unset as of right now. And we will do our best to update that and get All of the levels 2 in knowledge of those guidelines.
Registering might not be a necessary thing tho, since anybody can register, confirm conditions and say he did then continue trolling/griefing/etc…
This is why a report is necessary in some cases.

Anyway, I’ma take a look personally in your sayings, if that can help. (I mean that I’ll get online in hours I usually don’t get online.) You won’t even notice me coming or leaving. :wink:

Thx again for brining this topic on. I’ll keep it up-to-date on my personal experiences. ^^


Holy Jesus. I’m done.


This isn’t a report

This thread is obviously worth continuing since ckit’s closure of this thread was abolished

Anyone can register yet admins still have the ability of ip checking to confirm if someone is who they claim to be.

Literally no admins are on during the AEDT playing times