[WIKI POST!] Automatic Player-Tiers to replace numbered admin levels


Old System:

  • Levels 0-9 each contain sets of flags
  • No levels that are undefined can be used
  • Negative level unused
  • Admins potentially climb ladder instead of doing job at current level

New System:


Names not too important here. Automatically set ‘rank’ of a player, based on total play time and current standing (karma)

  • Unknown player (unregistered)
  • New Recruit (newly registered) (has flags for basic abilities/rights)
  • Soldier (player in good standing)
  • Veteran (same as above but has successfully used their karma for using player tools)
  • Game moderator (the server owner and just a couple of hand-selected people to step in, after the fact, if needed)

Peer Viewable Action Log:

  • Anyone can see what peers do
  • Anyone can Report an action if they believe it was done incorrectly
  • Verified Report will reduce karma
  • Karma & Reputation:
  • Largely invisible to players
  • Karma effects each game.
  • Karma modifies all-time reputation (day to day avg)
  • Karma decays over time (good and bad, but bad karma much quicker).

Karma modifiers on Flags.

  • Each flag can require minimum K Karma level to use.
  • Each flag can have a karma threshold modifier:
  • negative karma amount before flag is disabled
  • positive karma difference needed to use (you need more Karma than targets by X units)
  • maximum karma variation allowed (you need at least X % of target’s Karma to use on them)
  • Each flag can be disabled for custom M minutes (if karma threshold is exceeded)
  • Karma threshold (amount of negative karma that is allowed before disabling)
  • Amount of Karma lost by using the flag
  • Amount of Karma lost by having flag used on you
  • Amount of Karma lost if flag was used incorrectly and gets reported and verified

Flag Inheritance:

  • Some flags depend on others other flags to also be granted

Flag Sharing:

  • Some Flags can be shared to others
  • Some Flags can only be shared to lower tier when you are online
  • Some Flags disable other lower tier flags when you are online
  • Some Flags dis/enabled by the presence and activity (pointless if afk) of players in a particular group

Flag Revocation:

  • Revoke shared flags for a group or player or below a karma level

Goals and Intended results:

all players would start on a level playing field, with 0 karma, equally.
The game-play of Tremulous itself should strive to handle most common problems, automatically via use of the karma/reputation/tiers. The system would integrate with “Required vote reasons”
(citing the server’s ruleset/giving the rule numbers labels) and any other new player democracy tools, using regular players to handle any other common problems that crop up.


  • admin.dat replacement with admin.db (sqlite)
  • Karma/reputation system
  • Required vote reasons
  • Peer-action-log
  • In-game reporting of players
  • Server-side demo playback (and a separate server to play back games, or make the demos available to download)


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As a side technical note, we might use postgresql instead of sqlite for our database system.