[WRONG SECTION] {NoS}Ghost GClub app


• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:
I am not sure what my registered name is, however.

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:
Central Mountain Time, I play it mostly around 6-11 depending on how sports practice was.

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:
I don’t really care if I have admin on GPub, I really only want it on GClub. I want it on club so I can devmap and testbuild and such whenever I am bored.

• What is your past admining experience:
I’ve had admin on here a few times lol.
AA2 I had level 4 as well.

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin?
Enforcer of rules, and one who tries to make the game fun for everyone with moderation.

• What level are you applying for:
I just want devmap on club. So i believe thats level3

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):
Helperbot and Sir|Clubby said they will. Any others would be appreciated.


Sry but what a fucking joke of an admin app.
You couldn’t be fucked to check your registered name?
How are you going to be an enforcer of rules if you don’t give a shit whether you have admin on pub?[quote=“nos.ghost, post:1, topic:2441”]
Helperbot and Sir|Clubby said they will
Please fucking elaborate before i go drown myself in a knee deep puddle of salt


Wouldn’t it either be Sir|Ghost or {NoS}Ghost


I am not Sir|Ghost, I am {NoS}Ghost
As for @DarkMicrobe did I not clarify that I do not want admin on Pub I want it on CLUB. Be sure you understand what you’re accusing me of.
I apologize if that came off rude. I am just saying, Pub admin isn’t my objective here. It even says it in the title of my thread.

Also, elaborate on what? Helperbot and Sir|Clubby said they would vouch for me. It does not seem like you are paying attention to what I am answering.


Sorry about that though you’ve might of been since there are 3 ghosts

Good luck :slight_smile:


Good luck.


Thank you Helper, and Rekove.


My point is that your motivation is 1 entire sentence, and it has nothing to do with having admin on club. Let me get this straight:


I’m not accusing you of anything, i’m just saying your application is garbage and giving you admin on club so you can devmap is a shitty reason to give you admin. [quote=“nos.ghost, post:4, topic:2441”]
Pub admin isn’t my objective here. It even says it in the title of my thread.
Which is exactly my fucking problem with this application.


Hi, you should have posted in this thread. Please follow the instructions there (you do qualify for admin, but I don’t want to give it because you’ve posted in the wrong section and that sets a bad precedent).